Introducing the Badfriends gang

This is BadToro


Badtoro was born in 2005 in the heart of Barcelona: L'Eixample. Its rebellious soul and tireless personality make it the bravest and most daring character within the Badfriends gang. It is tenacious and constantly trying to achieve any goal proposed. Badtoro motto is, “Winners never quit”.

This is Badelk


When the gang feels in need for a dose of humor, Badelk takes the call. Its philosophical soul and passion for Nordic mythology make this character the most intelligent and cultured friend. Badelk comes from the Nordic region, a solitary adventurer, ecological by conviction not by ostentation. Badelk likes technique, astronomy, the forest and the northern lights in the sky. Its motto, is, “Who likes summer any way?

This is Badbulldog


Not just an average dog, but a high class dog telling crass jokes in French; always been the spoiled child. Far from worldly problems, this character ignores everything and assumes being axis of the universe; Badbulldog is believed to be born and raised in an upscale part of London. Recognizable for his nasal voice, this is by far the laziest among classy dogs. Loyal to its friends, shows its most affectionate side in rare occasions: when Badbulldog's tenderness is exposed, it reacts immediatly with its favorite swearword -in French- “Taguele!”, demanding the gang to shut up... They can't help laughing!

This is Badxolo


Stray dog, hard worker, knows what heat, sweat, and worker exploitation is; Badxolo is truly against the system, and expresses this conviction emphatically with scheptical and acidic humor, fighting the harsh reality that we all know about in private but nobody dares to speak out loud. Badxolo speaks for everyone; it says as thinks with composure and grace.

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