Badtoro Plush Pack - Black and Red

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Badtoro 100% polyester plush toy: extra soft, short hair material

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The best adventure companion

The Badtoro plush is the most chosen of our products by many fans. It’s our best seller today. Badtoro has gone to various competitions, participated as a good luck charm in sports, or as a decoration at home. It’s also a good companion for little ones. These adventures we know of for sure because they are the same fans who share them and spend their day with Badtoro.

Badtoro is characterized as a companion for adventures and experiences. It transmits energy and is passionate about leading an adult life. Fanatic of all kinds of sports: aquatic, on land, extreme, etc. Physical exercise does him good. It’s made to go with whoever chooses it. Call it a lucky charm or a friend, we say Badtoro is the favourite of all the Badfriends.

He should always be kept full of energy
He likes to go out and be part of adventures
He has a noble heart and won’t disappoint you

Height: 27cm
Body: 18cm

Height: 21cm
Body: 16cm
Designed in Barcelona by Jordi Nogués

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