Bruno de Lamor-Sellés

Bruno de Lamor-Sellés gives us this introspective interview as BADTORO of the month. He just turned 11 years old and won first place in a race that was only for drivers over 18.

1- Tell me about yourself. On a personal level
My name is Bruno de Lamor-Sellés, I just turned 11 years old. I go to school but I don’t really like it. I don’t care though because I want to be a Formula 1 driver.

2- At what age did you drive your first karting car?
I was 8 years old and just 1.35 meters (4’4”) tall.

3- “How long have you been racing?” “Please state your name and your sport.”
I’ve been racing Go Karts for three years.

4- If you had to change sport: Which do you think it would be?
My other passion is playing the drums

5- Tell us a place, first one to come in mind.
The North Pole

6- Do you exercise or practice another sport?
I ride my bike a lot

7- Do you feel inspired by or follow any athlete?
I don’t have a favorite athlete because I want to be the best. I want to be other people’s favorite (ha ha ha).

8- What is your favorite sport?
Formula 1

9- “Tell me about yourself.”: on a professional level
I’m really good at driving Go Karts up to 9.5 horsepower. Since last year I’ve been trying to race only against adults because when I race against boys my age I get bored. What I like the most is seeing the angry faces of adults after they lose to me.

10- How was the beginning of your career? (Some anecdote…. in what moment did you discover you could race?
I still remember how my Dad «drove» me in my stroller when I was still really little and «skidding» around the curves. It was so much fun. When I was 5 or so, he let me ride a motorcycle with a friend of his (my mom didn’t know) and that’s when I realized that what makes me happiest is speed.

11- How old were you on your first race?
When I was 9

12- How did you start to race? (How has it occurred to you that it could be your passion?)
Because it’s the first step in starting motorsports

13- How do you exercise your mind to achieve your goals?
I don’t do anything. The less I think about it before, the better I do.

14- Do you have some kind of “ritual” before every race?
My dad gives me two light slaps on my helmet after I put it on

15- Do you any kind of special diet? What do you eat the day before a race?
I don’t eat anything special. I only try to not be hungry or thirsty before a race.

16- Could you tell us a funny anecdote during the race? One of those that make you laugh a lot when you think about them.
Once I lost both front wheels in the final stretch and the kart was out of control. But the feeling was really fun … I felt like the Coyote sitting on a rocket chasing the Road Runner.

17- Have you had a bad experience during your years as a driver? If yes: Has it helped you for other situations?

18- How do you manage nerves before an important event? Do you believe in the importance of mind-fullness or meditation?
I like joking around with my dad when I’m nervous. It calms me down a bit.

19- Among all your triumphs, which one do you think is the most important and why?

The most important one for me was this January. I won first place in a race that was only for drivers over 18. My dad had to sign a lot of papers to give me permission and I felt really important.

20- “Describe the moment you looked up at the scoreboard and saw that you had won.”
I saw my dad smiling and I knew I’d won before I looked at the screen.

21- Tell us a little bit more about other teams. Is there a bond of friendship or do you face a more competitive environment that?
I don’t really have friends in this sport because they’re a lot older than me.

22- Why have you chosen BADTORO as a partner in your competitions?
Because I immediately fell in love with him at the Barajas airport when I was traveling to Berlin. It also reminds me that I have Spanish / Catalan roots and I get really excited about that.

23- If you had to choose between BADTORO or BADELK, which one would be your choice?

24- Could you tell us a phrase that identifies you? (It may be from a known author)
I never give up. Not in races or with girls that I like (and who ignore me)

25- If you had to give advice to an athlete or people who struggle to achieve a goal: What would you say?
If you give up it’s because you don’t really want something.

26- What are your projects for next year?
Keep winning.

27- Could you tell us a dream you have (personal dream)
To have and drive a Porsche 911

And to give an end to our personal interview, we would like you to give us a «full-speed» closing … a short story simulating a race. Imagine that at the moment you write you have the steering wheel in your hands, and you are living it live and direct

…and there goes Bruno, winning with more than a second and a half advantage…and we remind the spectators that he’s the only kid among all the participants..!! (ha ha ha!!)

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