Zihara Esteban

Zihara Esteban was born in Gernika (Basque Country) 20 years ago and she is the only female pilot in the RMC scholarship. Even though she’s been participating just for one year in rally, she started in the world of motorsports at a very young age.

When Zihara was only 16 years old, she competed in the Clio Cup racing and then continued training as a pilot in the next two seasons of the European official NASCAR Championship. In addition, the last seven years Zihara has been dedicated to national and international karting, because she considers karting racing as the base and the school of motor sports.

Currently, she is fighting for her own professional career in rallying. Zihara says “The interesting thing about rallying is to compete against yourself and your own times. It is also an adventure since each pass on the same stretch is different, you don’t know what you’ll find after every blind curve: a stone, a tree, an animal … “.

Although she is still in the process of evaluating all the possible options for the 2015 rally season, Zihara intends to continue working hard in the same rally mode in which she is positioned. She claims that she always is learning from past mistakes and trying to turn bad into good because, after all, she is being devoted to what really loves and that’s enough motivation for her.

To those who are interested in follow her footsteps, Zihara gives them a piece of advice: “Anyone with passion for a motorsport will not see the risk at any time. Don’t be afraid, but you must act in a very intelligent way. Do not force you to love an extreme sport because fear can be dangerous”.

Therefore we proudly present our new Badtoro of the month: Zihara Esteban, one of the female drivers in European Nascar Rally Championship and first classified in various karting and motorsport spanish championships. From Badtoro we wish her to emerge victorious in all the new challenges that lie ahead!

A Badtoro is never afraid of challenges. A Badtoro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a Badtoro never gives up, and always keeps on trying. A Badtoro is not afraid of trying to reach the goals that many others find impossible. To become the Badtoro of the month, you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.