The weather was good in the Sprint Race this weekend in Monza (Italy).

Following Saturday’s Feature Race, Stefano Coletti, of the spanish Racing Engineering team, started on Sunday in 9th place, while Raffaele Marciello, who had to retire after being victim of a contact between two other cars, would have to start from 25th with a lot of work to do to get into the points.

On the first lap Stefano made a clean start and was able to pass Vandoorne, Nasr and Pic. On the following laps he was gaining more positions, mading a fantastic pass on both Evans and Negrão at the Rettifilo, and after Sorensen for the third position. He began to close in on Richelmi, who was second, and on the lap eleven managed to occupy this place. He was now 2.1 seconds behind race leader Palmer. This difference between them has been reduced. As the race entered the final laps Stefano found his tyres going off after all the hard driving he had to do in the early laps and he settled for an excellent 2nd place and fastest race lap at the finish.

Furthermore, Lello, made a fantastic first opening lap, won twelve positions. But in the 7th lap he had to go back to number 21, due to damage sustained in his car and finished the race in eighteenth place.

Thomas Couyotopoulo, Sporting Director of Racing Engineering: “Great race and results from Stefano today. Starting from P9 taking the fastest lap and finishing in P2 is a good achievement. The start was good, the pace was great throughout the entire race and the overtaking manoeuvres of Stefano were clean and impressive. Pity about Lello, who had a good recovery up to P13 from 25th on the grid, but the contact with Canamasas, put an early end to his chances of finishing in the points. Overall not the weekend we were hoping for, but at least we were able to show what our cars are capable of.”

Rafaele Marciello: “I had an OK start, but a good opening lap passing 12 cars as I was up to 13th. After the restart I put too much heat in my tyres, so slowed down a bit the following laps, but then I was quickly back on pace closing the gap on the cars in front of me battling for the points. When I was on the inside of Lesmo 1 Canamasas crashed into me all of the sudden, as a consequence I had a punctured tyre and but when back on track after a tyre change I felt that something more on my car must have been broken.”

Stefano Coletti: “I pushed really, really hard all race long to catch up, but when I saw towards the end that I wasn’t catching up enough per lap, I settled for second. It was an amazing race, my car was very, very quick, especially under braking and that’s why I out-braked everyone into the first turn. The team did a really good job, they gave me a really good car today, so thank to them, and I hope this won’t be my last podium this season.”

Photo: Zak Mauger