The BADTORO brand was born in 2005 in the heart of Barcelona: the Ensanche.

BADTORO has a rebellious soul and a tireless personality. The bravest character in his gang, the Badfriends gang.

The bold and courageous friend for the strength and energy to overcome any obstacle, and live in a constant struggle to achieve any goal set.

BADTORO has a powerful and challenging gaze, but inside of him, he is a faithful friend and adventure companion.

The history of the brand and the mascot BADTORO

The brand and character BADTORO are created by the designers Jordi Nogués and Andrés Barzi in 2005, both based in Barcelona, Spain. Jordi and Andrés decided to create a mascot that would empathize with the people, leaving aside the “typical” figurative bull, and define a peculiar character, with a powerful concept: a mascot bull that attracts thousands of fans, and they feel captivated by the personality of the icon.
—”We wanted a mascot that had human traits in a simple graphic construction but had a very easy communication, and empathized with a young audience,”— says Jordi Nogués…

Badtoro quotes

The mascot is a fan of experiences that provoke deep adrenaline and power; he is fascinated by sports, physical and mental exercise or competitions. In addition, he has great empathy for people of young spirit who believe in themselves. An example of this passion for “all or nothing” is his favourite motto: “Winners never quit”.

Immediately, the brand achieves empathy for a young audience, and its recognition takes a great leap forward internationally. Without a doubt, BADTORO’s international presence has been growing, and it is recognized for its strong presence in airport stores around the world, the preferred brand of travelers who leave the country and want to take a good memory home.

It’s funny how the brand gets so much recognition; it’s the same fans of the BADTORO brand who create content about the bad friend and share their experiences on social networks. Year after year, and in an unbridled way, BADTORO is on some social network as an adventure partner.

Where can you find the BADTORO brand?

The products of the BADTORO brand are differentiated by their exhaustive quality control, first of all, each product comes to market under the watchful eye and acceptance of the designer Jordi Nogués. You can find the challenging look of BADTORO in airport shops all over the world, or in the online shop of badasses friends: the Badfriends

BADTORO is an icon of different products such as canteens, key rings, mugs, and more accessories. For example, you can find his figure in the creative packaging of food products, and enjoy the taste of its contents. The category most chosen by the public is BADTORO Clothing: T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and many more products that identify the concept of the brand.


Born to be extremely badasses

BADTORO forms a gang of new friends, 4 unusual “bad” friends, along with their slogan “Born to be extremely badasses” the BADFRIENDS will start a story where the adventure is about to begin, but the end does not know how it will end.
You’re probably wondering who are the Badfriends? Here we go…

The BADFRIENDS are 4 friends, the gang of bad friends consists of a brave bull BADTORO a moose named BADELK, a curious “anti-system” dog named BADXOLO, and his lazy friend the BADBULLDOG.
Each friend has a different personality and is born in different countries; a cultural mix of characters that will define a relationship of friendship that is both unique and unique.

Ready for the adventure?