The 4 reasons why you should RE-USE some products

The Badfriends support recycling by presenting products that help to promote the care of the planet, being a badass with plastic is the task of our friends.

Consumer friends, we can become enemies of throwaway.
A large percentage of the plastic produced is used only once, and disposable wrappers or products are disposed of within a year or as soon as they are used. Do you know that little daily habits can help prevent the death of a coral or the life of a seabird? Here we go…

4 Reasons why you can start helping the planet:
1- Carry cloth bags
2- Cancel the consumption of plastic straws (never order with straws)
3- Use ceramic or stainless steel cups
4- Drinking water from a canteen (it is bad friends to drink in a “plastic cup”)

1- Carrying cloth bags

Often, fashion can have a good ending. This is the case with the wonderful and comfortable Tote bags. The fabric bags also called tote are a good sign that you can replace the plastic bag with a much more comfortable, colorful and with the design you like, the best thing about these bags is their purpose: to avoid the use of plastic bags that take hundreds of years to degrade, no bag, please!

If you’d rather be a bad friend and not tell us please, we’ll let you.

Do you shop at the market, supermarket or in shops? Start to get into the habit of having a reusable bag for these cases, if it’s made of cotton it’s better because it’s light, comfortable, easy to wash and compact, when you roll it up or make it into a small bun the size is equal to the cuff of a hand (not compared to the hand of Badelk clear).

Now you know, when your friends come home with food or drink tell them Come without plastic bags, friends!

2- Goodbye straw or sorbet or whatever your friend calls it

Badfriends put an end to games with friends and straws.
The anti-straw effect is taking its course and more and more stores are choosing recyclable straws. The function of the straw is still unknown, according to some friends it is a way to appear to be a cool friend when you are drinking a cocktail, but the reality is not always what it seems.

According to external sources, straws are made in 10 minutes, used in 20 minutes and never degraded. In addition, you contain toxins that damage marine species and land.

If you see your friend drinking with a straw, teach him how to be a real Badass and ask for a paper straw or he may as well drink from the glass.

Credits @dsmacinnes

3- A coffee that doesn’t pollute please

They serve us coffee, juice or any drink in plastic cups, once used we throw it away and then we use another one; and this way history repeats itself over and over again.

“The good news is I don’t have to wash!”, “It’s much more comfortable!” Those who say this are not courageous friends.

Solution to this problem? Join the Badfriends and say goodbye to the recyclable cups, it’s very easy to understand; if you pour coffee in these types of cups it burns your hand, if you drink juice it heats up in a matter of seconds, start having a sturdy cup on your desk, and you’ll see how you can use it millions of times.

Listen friend: Choose a cup that can be washed and reused, the ceramic mugs can be microwaveable and can withstand high temperatures. The stainless steel ones keep the liquids cool and are ultra-resistant.

Take advantage and choose a mug that identifies you, give a badfriend a super useful accessory, perhaps the mug of his dreams.

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

4- The friend of hydration: the canteen

If you are a person who likes to go to the gym, go for a walk in the mountains, or be with friends there, hydration is essential for performance and energy. Yes, if you go to festivals with friends you can also take her. An aluminum canteen allows any liquid to stay cool, prevents spills, and also lasts for many years, all these years that you use the canteen you are avoiding the use of plastic, Bravo!

Be the envy of your friends with a super resistant water bottle and choose the design that will motivate you to sign up for Ironman.

If you prefer to use a lighter canteen, you can choose a hard plastic one with the same function as the canteens in terms of durability, but it is much lighter and its weight allows a comfortable transport. Rechargeable and reusable (re-reusable)

Photo by li-xianan on Unsplash

Remember that the weight of your decisions falls on the planet we live on, the Badfriends go for a cup of coffee in our Winners ceramic mug! Cheers!