Stefano winner Abu Dhabi

The race at Yas Marina Circuit took place at 2:20 pm (local hour), with rather high temperatures (29ºC in the environment and 46ºC on the road), being the warmest of the entire weekend.

Therefore no artificial lighting was needed. Thus, most of the teams would be starting on the Pirelli P Zero White Medium compound tyres. After the race of the day before, Stefano Coletti would be starting from second on the reversed grid and Raffaelle Marciello from 11th.

Stefano started in the best way possible by beating Pic abroad to, thereby placed the lead at the first corner. This provided a time of 1.4 seconds ahead of Nasr, who followed him closely. This difference was able to maintain at least the third lap, in which Stefano also set the fastest lap with a time of 1:53.594s. Already in the seventh lap, the Racing Engineering driver managed to extend the gap to 2.4 seconds, leaving behind the Brazilian pilot.

On lap 10 Stefano scored another quick lap of 1:52.565s, leading the race with a difference of 2.9 seconds over Nasr. Finally, with four laps remaining, Stefano struggled to maintain his position to increasing distance, earning him to clinch the race in first place, crossing the finish line 3.7 seconds ahead to Nasr, who was second.

Meanwhile, Lello succeeded in making a clean start, advancing several positions until he was in eighth place, just ahead of Canamasas. Unfortunately he touched with another car and broke his front wing in the first corner, thus affecting the balance of his car throughout the race. Therefore Lello began to lose speed, so he distanced from the driver from Trident, who left him behind as he approached Vanddorne – winner of the race – 1.8 seconds away. The Spanish rider was closing in on the battle for 4th being that the difference between Lello (in 8th place) and Cecotto (in 4th place) was just four seconds.

During the first half of the race, Lello and this close battle for 4th was still ahead, getting all the drivers very similar times while going with caution not to put too much strain on their Pirellis. Lello finally began to close differences between him and Vandoorne, reducing the distance just 0.7 seconds in the lap 15. However, Lello eventually crossing the line in 8th place as Vandoorne increased its pace considerably, although the Spanish team rider set his fastest time on lap 17.

The Racing Engineering finished the season in the best possible way, with a big win by Stefano leading from start to finish. But there is almost time for celebration, as the Spanish team should begin preparing the post-season tests also take place at the Yas Marina from November the 27th to the 29th.