Stale Sandbech

Ståle is born outside of Oslo in 1993. He started snowboarding when he was eight years old, and have been hooked ever since.

At the age of only 16, Ståle Sandbech represented Norway in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vanocouver, making him the youngest Norwegian to do so for 82 years.

Ståle rode his first Arctic Challenge when he was only 13. He also won the worldcup (WST) in freestyle in 2011/2012.

Ståle is currently preparing for the Winter X Games in Aspen that will be held January 23-26 2014.
This is an important competition, but he hopes to become a part of the Norwegian team for the Olympics, where Slopestyle will become an event this year for the first time.
Based upon the results he have gotten both this year, and last year, the possibilities for Ståle to join the Norwegian team looks very good.

Ståle is a great Badtoro because he has shown that with a lot of effort, and by never giving up, he have been able to reach his goals.

He faced several challenges, but was able to overcame them all. This has led to Ståle Sandbech being one of the most promising young snowboarders we have today, and we will definitely hear a lot more from him in the future!