Princess of the desert

Sonia Macías

Sonia Macías is an ultra-distance sportswoman. She has became La Princesa del Desierto (the Princess of the Desert) to face a unique challenge: running 1,000 kilometers in 20 days at the Namid desert as a self-improvement expedition and a solidarity action.

Sonia was born in Sevilla (Spain) and now she is a real entrepreneur in the sport industry. She is in charge of a Fitness and Physiotherapy Center and she also has a shop online of sport equipment. The last few years she has been combining her working life with her big passion: long-distance running.

Since 2012 Sonia has run hard mountain races, duathlon and adventure raids. One of the most important races has been the Marathon des Sables, the most extreme race that she was able to finish at the Sahara Desert.

She also works as a coach and personal trainer.

“I define myself as an ‘ultra-distance of life’ because every day I try to live as if it was the last race I am running” – says Sonia.

And this is the reason why she has arranged her own adventure.

La Princesa del Desierto is an ultra-endurance event and a physical challenge in which it is claimed the figure of women in sports. Sonia leads this project with which she aims to run 1,000 kilometers in 20 days across the desert, on the coast of Namibia. This experience not only will become a documentary but also aims to help local areas through humanitarian assistance and education. Currently, she has already exceeded the first 500 kilometers with temperatures above 40°C and winds of 25 knots from the front, but also with “hundreds of smiles, moments, people and strong steps”.

So we are proud to announce Sonia Macías as our Badtoro of the month, and we want to give her our maximum support to her current challenge ‘La Princesa del Desierto’.

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