Autumn shows its face and the terrific routine as well! What can we do to speed things up? We have some suggestions to increase your adrenaline levels.

Would you like to play volleyball using your head and foot? This kind of “football” modality is called Sepak Takraw. It was created in the south-east of Asia. The best of this sport are the players’ pirouettes. The supporters can enjoy a proper show, similar to an acrobatics performance.

Nowadays, there are leagues and matches between Asian countries selections. A picture speaks a thousand words, they say, and that is why we show you this video with the best moments of a match between Philippines and Singapore played earlier this year:

If you fancy climbing, you should try Portaledge. This vertical camping modality is the perfect solution if we want to climb vertical walls. In just 15 minutes we can set the structure up and rest enjoying amazing views.

The first time Portaledge was used was in The Capitan wall, in the Yosemite National Park (California). A perfect option for excitement addicts!

Another option to escape the routine is immerse yourself in nature. What do you think about taking a tour through the ancient Mongol empire? Mongol Derby go over this route. More than 1,000km riding a horse through the Mongolian steppe. During the different legs, the riders rest with local nomadic sheppard families and they camp under the stars.

It is considered the hardest horse competition in the world. An extreme body and mind experience. Because of this, the riders need to pass a physical and a mental exam to be accepted in the race.

If you really want an adrenaline explosion, start training… To blow up! Jennifer Schneider is the only bullet woman in the United States. During the performance, Jennifer shoots out 17 meters hight, and she ranges 38 meters more or less.

Despite on the idea could seem crazy, mathematical calculations are needed to make the jump safe. The cannon which is used for the propulsion has to be maintained too. Nowadays there are only 7 people in the world who practice this kind of jump.

Photo: The Adventurists