In this article we present a summary of the best images about Downhill Descenso del Condor at La Paz Bolivia.

The final winner was Filip Polc, one of the favorites. The times of the top finishers were:

Red Bull Down the Condor 2012:
Filip Polc 1 (SLOVAKIA) ​​00:02:32:89
2nd Yannick Wende (BOLIVIA) 00:02:46:88
Enrique 3rd Genoa (CHILE) 00:02:48:95

The Downhill Descenso del Condor is one of the most shocking and difficult tests. Also being held in one of the highest cities in the world, La Paz, Bolivia.


Descent seen from the helmet of one of the participants:

The circuit is really very dangerous, as seen in the following video: