Racing Engineering drivers fighting for points in a very demanding career

After a beginning of race from the 16th and 25th position (Coletti and Marciello respectively), the Racing Engineering drivers did their best to get points in the second race of GP disputed in Barcelona.

As the lights went off, Stefano Coletti and Raffaele Marciello began to gain positions, but a compact group of cars and tire wear forced a more conservative strategy. The aim, therefore, was focused on maintaining the pneumatic and taking points, a fact that got Coletti to finish in eighth place. Raffaele Marciello finished in 16th place.

The next round of the 2014 GP2 Series will be at Monaco in two weeks’ time and the Racing Engineering Team will be looking to translate their race and qualifying pace into some positive results.

Thomas Couyotopoulo, Sporting Director of Racing Engineering: “Finishing in the points when starting from 16th was our target today with Stefano. But overall this race could have been better as we suffered from the front left tyre like most of the field. Starting from last row was a difficult exercise for Lello and he went up to 16th position, which adds to his experience. Overall the weekend was disappointing in terms of results, but positive regarding qualifying performance and race pace in yesterday’s feature race.”

Rafaele Marciello: “The start was good today, so I am happy about that and this means we have a good base for Monaco. The first 5-6 laps were good and then I started to save my tyres. Later on I started to get problems with my tyres, so I lost two positions. It’s bad I couldn’t take any points this weekend, but I am happy the start went well.”

Stefano Coletti: “I had a good opening lap when I was able to finish in 9th. Everyone knows that it’s difficult to overtake in Barcelona, so my intention was to save the tyres and create a bit of a gap to the car in front, at the same time I had Ellinas very close behind me. In the end I was able to overtake one more car to go on to finish in 8th and take a point.”

Photo: Racing Engineering