Super-soft Badtoro plush for super-special occasions

Some love it for the design, some love it for the touch and some are just looking for a perfect gift for kids… And we mean kids 0 through 100 years old.

We even heared of a 113er, for sure a real Badtoro!
Decoration, favorite toy, pet, something to make your sofa really awesome… You name it!

This plush is really extra soft and safe for children, it has no removable parts or small parts of any kind.

The materials used in our classic Badtoro plush are in general safe for all, can’t swallow, can’t ingest any dye, can’t impale yourself with a horn…

Don’t be fooled by Badtoro’s defiant pose, after all it is something we all expect from Badtoro people like you!

Perhaps you like red better? Getting the pair? Do not miss its twin Badtoro red classic plush