Nature blue ceramic mug Water, Wind, Stone & WiFi

Hi, this is #official Badelk writing. I don’t use to write reviews, rather thinking in the loneliness of frozen woods; but it is something I do from time to time to distinguish my preferred items.
This is the mug I love the most, is it the logo or the motto? Perhaps it is just my good eye :)

  • Hardened blue ceramic mug. Microwave safe. Yes, it has a handle, no extra charge!
  • Diameter: 9 cm = 3,54 in
  • Height: 9 cm = 3,54 in
  • Thickness: 3 mm = 0,12 in
  • Badelk logo showing my (good) eye, with the “Water, Wind, Stone & WiFi” motto on the backside
  • “Cogito, ergo blue” – Nature blue color, a soft tone you will never get fed of, a commodity matching a proper wifi station

Yes, this is my preferred mug, it is an ideal daily object for a pragmatical being such as I am. Feel the peace of mind in a short break for a warm drink, let your thoughts go to the many beautiful places you have visited or would like to visit… To my personal taste, snow, ice and frost are a must, but warm seasons have a special effect on Badelk as well.

Thing is, once you bring this stylish blue ceramic mug before your workmates, classmates or plant it at home, you will probably have to get another one sooner or later. Are you ready to catch those eyes?

Don’t be shy, heat your coffee or tea with that Badelk natural grace, keep your eyes focusing to the ceiling or a distant focal point while drinking, do not stare to the inside of the mug: that makes you look cross-eyed ;)