Classic Badelk plush: a nice gift for a precious moment

Hi, this is #official Badelk writing. Yes it’s me again… So what?

If am not listing any bullets this time. As you read I am in a sort of inner debate, a clash between ego and selfproudness.

Perhaps you can help me, I am asking elkself whether having my own plush avatar is good or bad.

In addition this is as red as Badtoro, hey! I love cold and chilling forests, don’t you remember, Badfriends!?

On one hand I feel very well with the idea of enlighting some kid-magic-moment or a lovers’ funny gift…

On the opposite, I feel somehow sad for seeing elkelf reduced to a plush.

I need to come up with a decision. This is it:

The only downside I see is being elkself reduced to a plush, but if you make this plush special, even for the fraction of a second -enough to see a kids bright in the eyes or a genuine surprise smile- then I am happy to give my look and spirit to this happy-moments plush toy.

To ensure you find the right match for magic to happen, I will forget for a while my favorite (blue) color and remind you of the black Badelk plush, worth a look, complementing the Badelk plush classic collection.