Nature blue t-shirt Water, Wind, Stone & WiFi

Hi, this is #official Badelk writing. The very simple reason why I am introducing this t-shirt personally (yep, animally, good one dude!) is because I do love this design t-shirt, no match within my neighborhood.

  • All through the year basic blue t-shirt made in 100% pure cotton
  • Short sleeve (2 sleeves, not 4) with round neck. Uhm… Did I mention “blue”??
  • Badelk logo showing my good eye above a sentence I came across with, after a specially chilling night
  • “Cogito, ergo blue” – Celestial blue color, as blue as arctic ice and as celestial as a proper wifi station

Yes, this is my preferred t-shirt, so basically I’d feel very proud if you wear it and it makes you feel specielk and unique.
Walks like Badelk, talks like Badelk, wears a basic blue Badelk t-shirt with a modern depiction of a proud Badfriends member… I look great under the dome of the starry night.

Well, enough “Badelking” for today. I will be particularly happy if you give this trendy t-shirt a chance, just make sure you follow the typical care for serigraphed appareal. But:

Behave like the Badelk in you, don’t go below our standards: live green and think a lot about all the people, places and things you love and care about.

Get S through XL sizes if you want to give a present for your family or friends. Love them ;)