Badelk Blue Royal cloth tote bag

  • Basic tote bag for all seasons, 100% cotton cloth
  • Comfortable soft cotton fabric handles: opposite to plastic bags, soft handles won’t hurt your hands if heavy loaded
  • Royal Blue color, a vibrant and eyecatching delight for the sight

Look at you! Walking by your favorite growcery and fruit market, along a riverside crossing your city or just enjoying a morning walk with some shopping expectations… Your royal blue tote bag shines as much as you want it to shine: show that positive attitude and energy, every step leaves an invisible but perceptible footprint.

They possibly don’t know, but you will be well aware that is not a simple trail of footprint but your very own way. Share feeling with the rest of the Badelk community, let’s make the world shine in blue.

Great base for tote bag DIY, make it really your own and share your pictures to showcase. Do not cover the logo, Badelk loves the views!