King of Floorball with 36

Nicolas Kluger - Floorball

Nicolas Kluger (36 years old) has achieved one of his goals: to have an important role in the world of floorball, a variant of bandy quite popular especially in the Nordic countries.

He was born in Paris, but now he lives in Finland working as a dermatologist at the Helsinki University Central Hospital.

He is very proud of his own achievements, like rising from fifth to second division in the semi-pro Finnish floorball league in less than three years. In fact, currently he is the goalkeeper of Hakunila Pirates, a team based in Vantaa (Helsinki).

Nicolas says:

“What I like the most about floorball is the fast pace game with lots of rhythms. It requires physical and mental strengths and most of all, the game is never over until the final second.
Because of its nature, there are lots of goals during a floorball game. For example, in one of our last games, our team scored 3 goals in 12 seconds! So you can always have to stand up”.

But he doesn’t only play fast on the field, also he does it with every challenge he proposes for himself.

So, his next challenge is to get a place as a goalkeeper in the French national floorball team for the floorball world championship qualifiers that will take place in February 2016.


Kluger considers himself quite a perfectionist, so he tries to understand his mistakes to avoid that they will happen again.

Also, he always sets for himself very challenging goals to be proud of their results, whatever they are.

He strongly encourages all those who wish to start in the floorball:

“If you like this sport, go for it! Anyone can play, anyone can start… most of all, it is never too late to start! Remember that I started only when I was 33”.

So we are delighted to introduce you Nicolas Kluger, our Badtoro of the month: goalkeeper of the Pirates Hakunila in the semi-pro Finnish floorball league and prospect for the French national team. From Badtoro wish him to continue climbing to the top!

A Badtoro is never afraid of challenges. A Badtoro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a Badtoro never gives up, and always keeps on trying. A Badtoro is not afraid of trying to reach the goals that many others find impossible. To become the Badtoro of the month, you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.