Mery Muñoz slide timelapse

Mery Muñoz inline skater - slide lapse

Mery Muñoz is 24 years old, she lives in Barcelona but she is from Bilbao. She started skating very young while still living in Bilbao, with her closest friends who introduced her to this urban sport.

Among her skating mates were Aritz Ortega, Ganesh Rios, Mikel Arteaga and Imanol Merino, many of whom are recognized skaters today. They met in the skatepark of the city everyday and so, in good company, having fun and making daily progress, they grew together. Ten years have gone by since then and today she is proud to righfully belong to the Inline World and to have participated in many national and international competitions.

Thanks to her skates, she has travelled to many countries and met people from different places and cultures that otherwise she would never have got to know. “Inline has helped me evolve into the person I am now,” says Mery and she adds: “What I like is the adrenaline produced by the satisfaction of surpassing yourself and the happiness you feel when you get to the end of the day tired”. She always faces challenges with the positivity and determination required to overcome them, but in order to do that, you need to “be clear about what you want”, she explains.

Mery Muñoz is a living example of constancy and overcoming

“What makes you a better skater and a better human being is not the falling, but learning how to get back on your feet”.

This tireless rider likes to motivate girls into skating, to get them to be more and get better at it. She would love them to be as appraised and respected as boys, she wished things were more even since in most competitions, girls do not have access to cash prizes. That’s why she is glad to represent women in every event, “demonstrating that the level is high and will continue to rise, because more girls are coming behind me with the strong will to overcome themselves.”

Beside skating, Mery Muñoz is also a video editor, she loves photography and video, whose images and sounds she uses to document Inline sports. No doubt that is why she received the Action 2014 award this year, awarded to recognize the effort and work of filmers and riders of all categories of extreme sports.

Promotional video about Mery Muñoz from her sponsor Rollerblade

Therefore it is our pleasure to present the new Badtoro of the Month to you : Mery Muñoz, a skater with an infinite capacity for self-achievement who got to reach the second position at Winterclash (Holland, 2014), FISE (Montpellier, 2013) and in the 2012 World Ranking.

Badtoro wishes her good luck in her career!

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