Macaronesia in Barcelona

Macaronesia team has ended his first participation in the World Championship ORC. They have totally improved their expectations. The Canarian boys have finished 13rd in the general classification of ORC B category and 3rd in Trofeo Corinthias. This award is beaten for non professional yachtsmen.

The captain of the team, Daniel Adrián, has stood out the high level of the competition: “A lot of local yachtsmen, who know really well the zone, have participate”. That was the team’s first participation in a tournament this year. After four years sailing together, they decided to step up and concentrate their efforts in a competition like this.

Adrián emphasize the high level and aggressiveness of regattas: “When you compete with people who has better level than you, you can make a qualitative leap forward”. Macaronesia was the second vessel which has sailed more kilometers to arrive in Barcelona and participate in the World Championship ORC. As a Canarian people, they were the only ones.

Macaronesia boys have just arrived in Canarian islands. Their yacht is in Barcelona for the next competition. In August, the team is going to travel to Majorca to participate in Copa del Rey like a year ago.