Laura Dekker is a Dutch solo sailor who was born 19 years ago in New Zealand. Five years ago, became famous for her willingness to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world and by the refusal of local authorities and some people to allow it.

Finally, in August 2010 she began her adventure which ended in January 2012.

Laura Dekker has lived on a boat since she was just a few days old and has sailed all her life. Her first experience in sailing solo was at age 6. Laura believes that solo sailing is a big challenge and also a great adventure, and she has explained to Badtoro that “sailing close to the coast is the most difficult part, as well as living on land.”

Laura still lives aboard Guppy, the ship that took her across the globe and that is moored in her native New Zealand. Laura says “I keep sailing around New Zealand, but many exciting things are happening in my life besides navigation. I still have many dreams but I haven’t really focused on one to make it come true.”

In 2010, Laua Dekker found out that a lot of people and governments turned against her when she decided to go around the world. On this issue reflects “How would you feel if everything and everybody is against the one and only thing you dream of and want to do? I felt bad. I saw no reason to stop doing what I was doing though everyone believed it. “

As a good Badtoro, Laura sees life as an ongoing challenge, especially when she is traveling with her boat. She believes that “anything that gets in my way is a challenge, nothing falls from the sky, and work for it makes it more rewarding to get it later.”

So, we are proud to announce Laura Dekker as the BadToro of the month, and we wish her all of the best in the future. We will keep an eye on you!

A BADTORO is never afraid of challenges. A BadToro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a BADTORO never give up, and always keeps on trying. A BADTORO is not afraid of trying to reach for those goals many other find impossible. To become the BADTORO of the month you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.

Laura sailing and recorded for her father.

Official Trailer of Maidentrip, the documentary about Laura Dekker directed by Jillian Schlesinger.