Complicated weekend for the Racing Engineering team due to the penalties applied to both drivers that had to start the race at positions 18 and 19 respectively for Stefano and Lello.

Lello didn’t disappoint and, as always, did a great start placing himself thirteenth in the first round. The young Italian came forward seeking positions and didn’t hesitate on lap eleven to catch the car of Russian Time to stand eleventh. When only two laps to go remained to finish the race, Lello managed to overtake Sorensen and achieve the tenth place, and on the last lap he passed Dilman to finish the race in ninth place.

As Stefano, he had a good start that helped him beat De Jong and Izawa in the first round, and in the second lap he managed to overtake Cecotte despite the difficulties this pilot put to Stefano for pass him. But the problem was coming for the Monegasquean after overtaking Negrâo when his move was sanctioned as a “drive through”, what it sent directly to the place twenty and let him with no option to add points.

Despite his problems, Stefano didn’t give up and on lap 19 he set his fastest lap of the race so far with a time of 1:33.149s, while he was quickly closing the gap to Sato and Trummer who were about four seconds ahead of him. However, on lap 24 Stefano headed to the pits to retire from the race, worried that the damage to the car due to the initial touch with Cecotto, had just done dangerous to continue in competition.

All in all, it was a disappointing weekend for the whole team Racing Engineering and leave Hungary without getting any points.

Thomas Couyotopoulo, Sporting Director of Racing Engineering:

“A strong race today from Raffaele today finishing in P9 after starting from P19, it was a very good recovery. Fighting through the field didn’t show our real potential today, but Lello has done some nice overtaking manoeuvres, but this weekend he paid the price of yesterday’s mistakes. Stefano had a tough race in the field. ”

Rafaele Marciello:

“I had an OK start today, but was able to overtake some 5 cars. My opening laps were also good as I was able to overtake some more and I was in P12. It was difficult to overtake today, but I managed to get by Evans and Sorensen to finish the race in P9. Overall it was a bad weekend but we will be back in Spa.”

Stefano Coletti:

“It was clear that starting from P18 wouldn’t be an easy job today, especially here in Hungary where it is so difficult to overtake. I tried my best, but I had damage on the car from early contact with Cecotto and could not make it to the finish line.”

Photo: Alastair Staley