When you start to immerse yourself in the history of sport in Germany, you will find a lot of sportsmen and women who have been revolutionizing sports leagues; it will be because Germany has extraordinary sportsmen and sportswomen from different fields, but above all, sport occupies a very important place in the daily life of Germans.

Physical exercise improves mental function, autonomy, memory, speed, body image and a sense of well-being; there is a stability of personality characterized by optimism, euphoria and mental flexibility (Source ABC).

If we think about all the positive aspects of physical exercise and apply it to our daily routine, we could generate an important external and internal body change. Today in Badfriends we recapitulate a little bit of energy and passion for sport in Germany.

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What is it about Germany that is so important in the sports world?

Germany stands out for its passion for sports, perseverance, and effort in daily physical exercise, which aim above all to maintain a healthy body and a clear mind. The powerful country has a high participation of competitions in all kinds of sports; motor racing, football, ice hockey, handball, etc. According to external sources, the influence of sport and exercise is so high because half of the German population between 18 and 29 years of age goes to the gym or does some sport.

In Germany, the most outstanding leisure sports are hiking or running (Badtoro could have half its soul occupied in the German flag).

In the professional sports field, you’ve probably heard of Schumacher on wheels or Steffi Graf and Borris Becker in tennis or the football club famous for winning the World Cup, the most recent in 2014 when it debuted against Argentina in the World Cup in Brazil.

Furthermore, in handball, it is a great world power, the second team with more medals in the World Handball Championship.

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Athletes lose count of their triumphs

Germany is the fourth country in the official world ranking of the great sports nations, based on more than 50 sports.

World-renowned figures who have left their mark on the world of sports; Michale Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel in motor racing or the great skater Katarina Witt, the swimmer Britta Steffen, etc.

Britta Steffen German swimmer and speed test specialist. Steffen “like a fish in the water” is a world record holder and Olympic champion of the 50 and 100m freestyle at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games with a new Olympic record of 53.12 seconds.

How to forget the great Michael Schumacher, the former German speed motor racing driver has made a big breakthrough in Formula 1, the most award-winning ever in the history of racing from 1991 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2012.

Katarina Witt
Katarina has been twice Olympic champion and has made works of art on ice; when she was 5 years old she started figure skating; when she was young she became the European Champion, and a year later she is considered the Ice Queen. It has been a great novelty in the 80’s because of its delicacy and dexterity “flying over the ice”; according to several sports journalists, no other sportsman has achieved such a magnificent repertoire as Katarina has done at the time.

With 4 World Cups at home, it’s no wonder that Germany has very good football players. This is the case of Franz Beckenbauer, considered one of the best football players in the German league. He has also been technical director and was the captain of the German national team when Germany won the World Cup in 1974.

And when it comes to shooting, the heroic Dirk Nowitzki manages to do it perfectly. The 2.13-meter-high basketball player currently plays in the NBA and has been All-Star 13 times, and is the team leader of the German basketball team.

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Unrivaled German cars

German cars are known for their superb engineering and for winning the most important car races worldwide. Karl Benz created the car with petrol in 1885, while in 2018, Germany is one of the leading countries known for its high level of drivers, cars and racing teams. It’s no wonder that every newspaper, television or social networking site hears a triumph topped off by a German car. As Schumacher said, “You try to hide your emotions, so as not to show weaknesses to others. I believe its the same for every sportsman”.