BMX as a way of life

Enzo Pérez BMX rider - Autonomy bikes BMX

Enzo Perez is a chilean guy, 22 year old, who has been hooked for six years to his bicycle.

Enzo as a child felt completely drawn to the magic world of BMX Racing, its routes, corridors, its environment and all those endless jumps.

From early 16 years old and with help from their parents, they decided to get to work and put him in a sport he loves and that is their way of life.

The linking of Enzo to the world of BMX racing is on the top, nothing can stop him. Like any sportsman, there is always something that motivates him and helps him pull ahead in tough times, and this Chilean is sure, the motivation comes him itself when he gets on his BMX.

The simple fact of being in the starting line against 8 other cyclists which will run very closely, hopping that will fly over 10 meters with a 20-inch bike… As he says:

Who would not feel motivated? It is pure adrenaline.

Enzo Pérez, BMX for life

Currently his goals are clear: to feel good on the track, to enjoy the most, to give in the most; for Enzo these are the main aspects to be able to set new challenges. As he says: “After having this base, then it is when you can start and plan to have other goals in competitions.”

Enzo Pérez says that in difficult times we must never lose confidence in ourselves, because the most important thing is to be confident, the desire to excel and optimism. “Otherwise it is difficult for someone else to get you out of this bump.”

Enzo, pure defender of the sport, wants to encourage all young people to try a different sport: a familiar, competitive sport that ensures high levels of adrenaline, impossible to leave anyone indifferent.

It is therefore a pleasure to present the new Badtoro of the month, Enzo Pérez, BMX runner based in Spain. This young Chilean has twice been a finalist in Pan American and world championships. From Badtoro, we wish you all the luck in your career!

A BadToro is never afraid of challenges. A BadToro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a BadToro never give up, and always keeps on trying. A BadToro is not afraid of trying to reach for those goals many other find impossible. To become the BadToro of the month you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.