Enjoy the road by Badtoro bull. Wearing a Road Rider short-sleeved t-shirt is a way of being and a way of thinking; exploring the aspects of life with attitude and commitment. The design on the front of the shirt was created, drawn and stamped by the BadToro design team. The layout represents the elements and situations we can come up against when we strive to realize our goals. Made of 100% high-quality cotton, it makes for a good look when you wear it.


Never Surrender short sleeved shirt designed for people with the Badtoro bull attitude, two words summarize a way of thinking: NEVER SURRENDER, a message that’s cut and dry and conveys a powerful phrase in capital letters.
They way you dress expresses the way you think; made only for risky and tenacious Badfriends. When you open the package you won’t be surprised because we ensure the quality of our garments. They’re 100% cotton and have been drawn, designed and stamped by the creator of BadToro (Designer: Jordi Nogués).

For those with a rebellious spirit. Why Rebel? Badtoro bull includes the word REBEL as the main claim of the shirt. Badtoro bull rebels against routine and injustice and overcomes all obstacles that come his way. T-shirt 100% cotton to show that Badtoro attitude that makes you unique

Our Cuba line of shirts turns the brand upside down and presents BadToro bull in marbled red. Cuba is the model chosen by the majority where Badtoro bull dominates with personality and enthusiasm. The colors, the look of the bull, and the graphic exude a full, balanced life, created here at home by the BadToro team. Short-sleeved t-shirt in various sizes. Badtoro bull dominates with personality and enthusiasm.

Whatever drives you day by day, and whatever color your average day is: keep in mind you are not alone – We are Badtoro bull team and there is room for one more.