Read all about being a Badtoro bull

The Flow Motorcycles and Badtoro teamed up to create a motorcycle with an exclusive “on wheels” design, made piece by piece with special, unique parts. We’ll review the great work of people who have been “behind the scenes” of this motorcycle. Let the show begin!

“The difference is in every detail”

The Flow Motorcycle and Badtoro’s creator, Jordi Nogués, put their undivided attention into the image of the motorcycle, emulating the particular style of the Badtoro bull by using engaging designs. A sturdy, easy to handle motorcycle with thick tires, an elegant appearance, detailed aesthetics, and modern features. A motorcycle with the appearance of a “bad bull” that will come pick you up so you feel the best speed.

Born Free, Ride Free! The Harley master invites the viewer to interact with the inner world of speed and passion for the road. And there’s even more…


Made under the original Harley Davidson Sportster 48 model, Motor Evolution air cooled with a displacement of 1,202 cc. Cool, powerful, formidable. The transmission is Harley Davidson original and has maximum power in each motion. The gearbox and clutch are also Harley original.


Different elements were combined to create a proportional and impeccable final piece of work that has character. The frame is a unique Sportser model, a Harley Davidson original, and the size of the bike is also defined by the original Harley swing arm. The exhaust is Seedom and the gearbox, transmission and clutch are also Harley Davidson masterpieces.


If the difference is in the details, imagine what they’ve done with the accessories: The handlebar is an inverted Fat Boy with original Harley Davidson grips and mirrors. The front fenders are slightly modified Harley. The headlight is LED from the American company J.W. Speaker, with Rhinzome steering: and Rizoma Club rear turn signals.

The front turn signals are from Heinz Bikes, manufactured in Germany with high-quality CNC machined aluminum. The fuel tank is Legacy from Parts Europe, while the oil tank is HD original. The seat is made by Le Pera, with high-density foam built on a base of powder coated steel with a reinforced and protected edging. The saddle is covered in high-quality, original leather with double stitching.

The clock is from Moto Gadget digital and the cover, from the HD Rail Collection, as well as the timer cover. The air filter is Screaming Eagle, from the HD Rail collection. The tail is The flow Motorcycles design, the hairpin is Original and the painting done by the painter MaM Paint.

Born Free, Ride Free is a source of knowledge and inspiration from the designers of Badtoro and The Flow Motorcycles.

Choosing a Custom motorcycle is not easy, find some tips and explanation about the differences so you can enjoy a motorcycle that suits your needs.

Raymond Myrland gives us this introspective interview as BADTORO of the month: racing driver petrol head for 30 years and a successful businessman; a history of challenge, motivation, personal improvement and above all, passion.

The BADTORO brand was born in 2005 in the heart of Barcelona: the Ensanche. BADTORO has a rebellious soul and a tireless personality. The bravest character in his gang, the Badfriends gang.
The bold and courageous friend for the strength and energy to overcome any obstacle, and live in a constant struggle to achieve any goal set.
BADTORO has a powerful and challenging gaze, but inside of him, he is a faithful friend and adventure companion.

The Andalusian team is placed as runner-up in the team standings while its two drivers shorten distances to the top positions.

The driver Norman Nato has achieved a brilliant victory at the Italian circuit of Monza. The french pilot dominated the race from start to finish, but his teammate Jordan King had to settle for a hard-fought fourth place. Since the Hungary Grand Prix in July none of the Racing Engineering drivers had returned to the podium until now.

“A good start from both drivers today. It was a bit close during the first corners, but it was OK to finish lap 1 in first and second. Norman was quickly up to pace and from there on dominated the race. We need to look into what happened with the other car as for some reason Jordan was not able to follow his teammate’s pace without stressing his tyres too much. He ultimately got passed by both Prema cars and a Rapax car cutting the corner, something we hope will still be investigated. First and fourth is still a good result for the team even though after the opening lap we expected a bit more, but we are back in the fight for the championships.” – said Sebastien Viger (Technical Director of the team) after the race.

The Italy Grand Prix is the third race from the end of this season. After a break of four weeks, the pilots will fight for the championship at the Malaysia GP and, a month later, they’ll finish GP2 Series 2016 at the Yas Marina circuit.

Racing Engineering currently rank second place in the team standings, while Jordan King and Norman Nato are in fifth and sixth place respectively. But these two races can change completely all the results!

From Badtoro we will look at the next steps towards the victory of Racing Engineering and their drivers. Go Racing!

Photo: ©Racing Engineering

Jordan King won in the Red Bull Ring circuit despite the difficult weather conditions.

The driver of the Racing Engineering team has achieved his first victory in GP2 last race after a rainy race in which he was unstoppable.

The long race of the Austria GP began with Jordan King and his partner Norman Nato in the eighth and seventh position respectively. Departing from the first two reverse grid places, both cars had to follow the Safety Car from the start as it allowed them to recognize the state of the track.

Throughout the race, Jordan was rolling too fast, getting several fast laps especially at the end of the race. In the last section he gave a perfect lap without making any mistakes, which gave him the victory. While Norman found himself overtaken by other drivers during the course of the race to occupy the twelfth place. However, it took the fastest lap of the race.

“Coming into the race there was a lot to learn and work out on the first few laps as we haven’t had much running in the wet before. So the first few laps were about finding my feet and after a few laps I increased my pace and created a gap. I then managed the gap and saved my tyres which meant I had tyres left to push when needed after the Safety Car. It feels good to get my first GP2 win and the team did a great job in giving me a car that allowed me to do so” – said Jordan King after the podium.

From Badtoro, we want to congratulate the whole team and we encourage Jordan King and Norman Nato to continue with such good results!

Photo: ©Racing Engineering

It is less than a month to enjoy the speed of the cars in the GP2 Series 2016. The season will kick off the weekend from 13th to 15th May, and we will be able to finally see the Racing Engineering new team rolling at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

After scoring the best times in the final pre-season testing at the Jerez circuit, Norman Nato and Jordan King are ready to show their skills behind the steering wheel to reach the top. In fact, King will drive as one of the few veterans, because we will see many new faces among the drivers this year.

“We managed to try a lot of things during these days of testing and made good progress getting through everything that we hoped. It’s good to see we were fast in short as well as long runs and I am therefore really excited for the first race in Barcelona” – said Jordan King after the three days of testing.

The Spanish team is in their Sanlucar de Barrameda base finishing the last details for the new season. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will be responsible for receiving the Andalusian team in a few days.

From Badtoro we share their excitement and we offer them all the necessary support. We are eager to see the green light on the start line! Go Racing!

Photo: ©Racing Engineering