Silverstone 2014 GP2 - Racing Engineering team

Racing Engineering has undergone some ups and downs this weekend at Silverstone.

Stefano Coletti and Julian Leal suffered an accident which ended up penalizing the Carlin driver reversing positions and finally making Stefano out from fifth on the grid. As for Raffaele Marcielo after withdrawal the day before, had to start the race from the 26 position.

At the start of the race, Stefano made a spectacular start overtaking several cars and placing second at the first curve and went to 1.2 seconds behind the leader, Nasr in the first round. After some power loss problems mid-race, and concentrating his best to maintain the second position, Stefano managed to cross the finish line in second place.

Lello, despite all its drawbacks, and departing from the last position on the grid to overtake 6 cars at the start of the race, he had a very bad luck in the first curve and the touch of another car broke his back suspension forcing him to leave.

This weekend we saw the two sides of the coin for both pilots, the sum of points from Stefano and the Lello’s misfortune that he had two retirements none of them his fault.

The next round of the 2014 GP2 Series will take place in two weeks’ time in Germany at the Hockenheim circuit.

Thomas Couyotopoulo, Sporting Director of Racing Engineering: “Thomas Couyotopoulo, Sporting Director of Racing Engineering: “Overall we had very mixed results this weekend. With Lello starting so well on Friday and taking his first GP2 pole, he was unlucky in the two races. While Saturday a mechanical failure outside our control kept him from finishing on the podium, another car crashed into him today taking him out of the race after a really good start. It’s a shame as he does brilliant starts now, definitely has the pace and we are simply a bit unlucky.”

Rafaele Marciello: “I had a good start and overtook quite a few cars when Canamasas and Markelov had contact in turn 1 and crashed into me. I went off track and my race finished there. All my recent starts were really good; we have the pace, so it’s all there. We will fight back in Germany.”

Stefano Coletti: “The car was really good today, we made a big step forward and it was perfect to drive. It was my goal today to set the fastest lap and I was close to Nasr, but as soon as my engine problems started, I slowed down. I went easy on it to finish the race. I am happy with the races given that we were only 11th in qualifying. Everyone in the team did a great job.”

Photo: Alastair Staley