The Mexican dog imposes himself on the gang.

Badxolo street dog who puts a voice to his master’s thoughts represents the Anti-System and fights for inequality and injustice. A great defender of human rights, a brave, daring and very brazen man, he dares to take on “bigger dogs”. He is uncomfortable with his thoughts because he is confronted with human reality. Badxolo is the friend who conveys his message in capital letters, the piece of gear that was missing to communicate what is not written. Besides, he’s a long-distance runner. Here’s the busiest dog in the Badfriends’ gang. Who said dogs can’t talk?

Badxolo Story

The Mexican dog comes to impose himself on the gang with his personality highlighted by the claim and the call of attention to defending the rights of free experience and thoughts.

Street dog, a worker, knows what is heat, sweat and exploitation of workers, is a true anti-system and expresses with his plants and cheek the harsh reality that we all think in our intimacy, and no one dares to act out. Badxolo speaks for everyone, says what he thinks with poise and grace.

Badxolo says

Place: Mexico City
Purpose or Goal: To fight for inequality and injustice.

At the moment Badxolo is the last friend to join the gang. Badbulldog’s Mexican first cousin enters the group of friends and achieves a change in the way of thinking of each one. He doesn’t keep quiet and this allows him to impose certain thoughts on the team.

Main Scene
His life takes place in the urban nucleus of the Federal District of Mexico. Colorful and lively Mexican streets, where you can see two sides of the city: art and culture, and the other, street misery and the difference in social classes.

NO! the favorite word from Badxolo

The dog that charms by his sympathy and his way of wagging his tail are brave, daring and brazen.

Good qualities:
He’s a good friend, his generosity knows no bounds. Whenever his friends need him, he is there to defend them. He knows every corner of the streets of Mexico, is appreciated by all kinds of people (charms in any social class).

Bad qualities:
He has no limits and is in danger of losing his life and that of his friends. He trusts that he can have everything under control, but there are situations that he often cannot handle.

Physical appearance
Street dog, thin, with a nice face, raised ears and a moving tail. He is thin and walks with a lot of energy taking small jumps.

Psychological description
His madness and his touch keep him firm or immovable in his attitude, even if he is given reasons to the contrary.

His sense of direction and physical exercise are great. Lost by the DF? Impossible! Badxolo has the ability to be located in the darkest streets of Mexico. He knows every labyrinth and always “sniffs” the best way out.
It is a very educated dog, knows the street with his eyes closed: its benefits and its darkest sides.

Main Weapon
The dog’s main weapon is street intelligence and wisdom; his way of escaping any dangerous situation, planning, modifying and exercising every step of his mind.

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