Kiss or Kill. Kiss the Glory or die to try.

To lose is to die, to win is to feel.

If you visit Kílian Jornet’s website, the first words that identify him are: “I define myself as a mountain lover, a sport is a way of discovering landscapes, both internal and external”. The journey of his youth as a Spanish sportsman leaves us with a feeling of joy that it is inevitable not to admire. Kílian Jornet was chosen by Badfriends as the Badtoro of the month. A real “influence” in real life and not behind the screens.

Kílian is a Spanish sportsman who practices mountain skiing, mountain races and trail running. With 30 years of age, he has achieved countless triumphs, both professional and personal. His relationship with the mountains starts at a very young age when influenced by the values of his parents and their passion for nature, he climbs his first 3,000 meters at only 3 years of age. This little body marks the beginning of an athlete who continues to “tread hard”, leaving a mark on the summits of the world.

Damien Cornu

When he was 13 years old, he entered the Mountain Ski Technology Centre (CTEMC) and decided to get fully involved in training and exercise in order to start his professional career and enter competitions with more marked and planned routes.

5 years later, Kílian wins the first world ski mountaineering championship. Kilian’s effort is still without brakes and he continues to participate in mountain ski and trail running races and championships all over the world.

At 20 years old and at a key stage for an athlete starting the race, Kílian decides to join the Ultra-Trail de Mont-Blanc. This ultra-marathon mountain crosses France, Italy, and Switzerland and is considered the most recognized Trail running race in the world. The distance of the race is 172km, more than 2000 people participate, and Kílian is victorious as the youngest participant in the world.

Nicolas Sanchez

But as a person with a Badtoro spirit, he never gives up, the young sportsman decides to share his experiences describing them between roles and philosophy of life, he writes his first book and titles it “Run or Die”. A clear description of the effort and tenacity we need to reach our goals. An example and a way of living that many times in routine and duty escape our hands.

The boundaries for Kílian are invisible and he continues his career with new projects and adventures, decides to set a route and begins his expedition through the Himalayas where he has been inspired for his second book “The invisible border”.

The big prize was in 2017 when Kílian climbs the highest mountain in the world, Everest, it took 26 hours to reach the top without ropes or oxygen.

When you desire something with all your strength, we must focus and walk towards it, today is Kílian, tomorrow you can be the Badtoro we need.