Gear up with Badtoro

The sort of things Badtoro people likes to wear or simply use in their daily missions.

It really does not matter if your mission is quite usual and even boring sometimes, as long as it is a challenge and you face it with effort and energy.

Some like wearing their favorite Badfriend, may be taking sides, may be a matter of plain free election

Badtoro people wear it or simply bring Badtoro with them as an icon, an apparently simple object at which giving a quick look in a moment of decay.
Or the other way round: something to focus on in a moment of maximum effort or right before hiting your success-of-the-day

Whatever drives you day by day, and whatever color your average day is:
keep in mind you are not alone.

– We are Badfriends and there is room for one more –

Gorra Badtoro clásica roja con visera negraBadtoro
Graffiti design capBadtoro
sudadera capucha negraBadtoro
Sudadera capucha rojaBadtoro
Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win TSHIRT

What is this Badtoro Collection about? SPOILER ALERT :-)

Badtoro of the Month

Badtoro people are not afraid of challenges.

Maybe you don’t always achieve all your goals, but as Badtoro people we never give up: do not quit.

Those of us who share the Badtoro spirit are not afraid to face challenges that others consider difficult or impossible.

To become Badtoro of the Month you must proof extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity. Be an example to others!