The Flow Motorcycles and Badtoro teamed up to create a motorcycle with an exclusive “on wheels” design, made piece by piece with special, unique parts. We’ll review the great work of people who have been “behind the scenes” of this motorcycle. Let the show begin!

“The difference is in every detail”

The Flow Motorcycle and Badtoro’s creator, Jordi Nogués, put their undivided attention into the image of the motorcycle, emulating the particular style of the Badtoro bull by using engaging designs. A sturdy, easy to handle motorcycle with thick tires, an elegant appearance, detailed aesthetics, and modern features. A motorcycle with the appearance of a “bad bull” that will come pick you up so you feel the best speed.

Born Free, Ride Free! The Harley master invites the viewer to interact with the inner world of speed and passion for the road. And there’s even more…


Made under the original Harley Davidson Sportster 48 model, Motor Evolution air cooled with a displacement of 1,202 cc. Cool, powerful, formidable. The transmission is Harley Davidson original and has maximum power in each motion. The gearbox and clutch are also Harley original.


Different elements were combined to create a proportional and impeccable final piece of work that has character. The frame is a unique Sportser model, a Harley Davidson original, and the size of the bike is also defined by the original Harley swing arm. The exhaust is Seedom and the gearbox, transmission and clutch are also Harley Davidson masterpieces.


If the difference is in the details, imagine what they’ve done with the accessories: The handlebar is an inverted Fat Boy with original Harley Davidson grips and mirrors. The front fenders are slightly modified Harley. The headlight is LED from the American company J.W. Speaker, with Rhinzome steering: and Rizoma Club rear turn signals.

The front turn signals are from Heinz Bikes, manufactured in Germany with high-quality CNC machined aluminum. The fuel tank is Legacy from Parts Europe, while the oil tank is HD original. The seat is made by Le Pera, with high-density foam built on a base of powder coated steel with a reinforced and protected edging. The saddle is covered in high-quality, original leather with double stitching.

The clock is from Moto Gadget digital and the cover, from the HD Rail Collection, as well as the timer cover. The air filter is Screaming Eagle, from the HD Rail collection. The tail is The flow Motorcycles design, the hairpin is Original and the painting done by the painter MaM Paint.

Born Free, Ride Free is a source of knowledge and inspiration from the designers of Badtoro and The Flow Motorcycles.

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