This is the origin of Badelk, who joins the Badfriends family with a cynical point, fine humor, philosopher and ecologist by conviction not by ostentation.


When the gang needs a point of humor, Badelk stands out in style. With a a philosopher soul and passion for Nordic mythology,  Badelk stands as the most intelligent and cultured Badfriend. Badelk is a lonely adventurer, ecological by conviction not by ostentation. Enjoys technique, astronomy, forest life and Northern Light lit sky. Badelk’s motto is: “Who likes summer anyway!?”

Badelk is Anglo-Saxon, with a sarcastic and clever humor, endures bad weather with a smile, claims respect for the environment, the forest itself, peace, ecology, but at the same time jokes about everything and specially self jokes. Its name comes from BAD and the Canadian elk.

The origin of Badelk

Date of Birth: Unknown
Place: Nordic Region

Purpose or Goal:
1: Living in a place where the northern lights can be seen all year
2: Trying to change the world we live in.

 Badelk is the second arrival in the family and for now, the biggest Badfriend; drawn and personified by Jordi Nogués in Barcelona, Spain. No doubt all or at least most of its features are inspired from the Northern regions.

As the years passed, Badelk began to feel appreciation for Badfriends mate BADTORO, starter and popular leader of the Badfriends gang. Both felt a reciprocal affinity for the way of thinking, an obvious physical presence and those curved horns. Not long after they met, they became inseparable; they insist on expressing messages that communicate a change in the way of thinking of society, affirming that they were really born to be extremely badasses.

Badelk did notice that Badtoro had a concept of life that would tie them together for life: energy overcoming any obstacle.

For Badelk, energy is not only inside each of us but also in the nature that surrounds us.
Here the birth of a new anti-system friend who overcomes any natural and social tempest.

La aurora boreal es una brújula vital para Badelk

La aurora boreal es una brújula vital para Badelk

Main Scene 

The gang’s most audacious individual lives in forested areas with ice cold rivers born from melting of glaciers, where the land is black, green and rocky. Badelk is a legitimate follower of the northern lights. Motivated by the action and strength of nature, spends part of the time studying the effects of these ultranatural forces. Badelk naturally develops in the solitude and adventure of the mountain but keeping in mind that at times everyone needs to connect to the real world and be part of the so called society.


The quote that identifies Badelk sounds as well quite challenging: Who likes summer anyway!?

Nice qualities: good sense of humor, intelligent, cultured
Bad qualities: laughs at everything with a cynical point, enjoys being alone (sometimes gets annoyed by people)

Physical appearance: 4-legged moose, defiant posture, a gaze that speaks for itself, large, slender horns, two pairs of hanging eggs, has a mouth. Large and powerful animal with a lot of strength.

Psychological description: a philosopher soul with passion for nature allows Badelk to question the sense of human life.

¿¡Total, a quién le gusta el Verano!?

Badelk motto


Main Weapon: his wisdom

Main Skill: have the right answer for every situation

Secondary Skills: the mascot Badelk is very good at wrestling. He also has a good sense of direction, usually located anywhere through the stars and intuition. He also has a good sense of smell: he knows how to quickly vanish from smelly situations.

Family: his family is made up of the Badfriends: Badelk, Badxolo, Badbulldog.

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