Badelk style: under the northern lights while you laugh at the world

Badelk News offers the world through healthy sarcasm and the methodical doubt of the most observant of the Badfriends, a story of people who do novel things. A life full of patience and clear ideas. Someone able to squeeze the details, observe and draw solid conclusions about little details that most mortals tread when walking can’t leave you indifferent: unless you’re Badxolo or Badbulldog, although for very different reasons, of course!

Badelk is pragmatism and choosing useful and attractive things

– “You can not like the cold and not like blue” – don’t ask Badelk what reasons allow to say that: you might face an hour of reasoning. When you have someone bright nearby everything can go better. And sure that when your favorite Badelk makes you a present from his/her collection, there will be a good reason for it to be a cup and not a t-shirt, or a specific t-shirt and not another… And matching the Royal Blue bag. And… Enough, Badelk! Please! :)