The big dog enters the Badfriends family through the front door. The story of Badbulldog has an English origin (as its name suggests), with its air of dispossession and security the adventure will begin with its new friends.
Badbulldog is not any average dog, but a posh dog who swears in French, and always been a pampered child. Unconnected with worldly problems, has no need for being self-sufficient and passes everything by, feeling completly as the center of the world. Born and raised in a luxurious district of London; known in the gang for a distinctive nasal voice. The laziest buddy in the gang by far, but with a true feeling of belonging to the group Badfriends. From time to time he brings out his more affectionate side. His favorite phrase in French is Taguele.

Badbulldog in depth

Purpose or Goal

The dog Badbulldog has a hard time thinking about a purpose or goal when very occasionally the idea comes into his head, he lets it pass, like any other activity that causes him a lot of effort.
He has short goals, like his legs, he prefers to live in the present, at home, and with his friends.

 When Badtoro and Badelk started the Badfriends’ gang, they missed a new friend to have gang adventures with. After a couple of years, they decide to welcome Badbulldog; and the pampered dog joins the family.
Badbulldog is a bold, big dog with personality. He has a defiant gaze and a defensive stance to any external “attack” that modifies his or his friends’ moments.
The biggest dog in the Badfriends lives just outside London. Surrounded by stone and brick buildings, skyscrapers and a high society English quarter.

Dog “well” raised in a rich family of a high economic level. He’s very posh.
The word that identifies him: Taguele
Good qualities: from time to time he brings out his more affectionate side, has a good temperament and is generally very good at behaving. He likes the company. He has a strong will not to give up easily.
Bad qualities: he is very lazy, he can stay at home for days or even weeks without going out. He takes life easy. Unconnected with worldly problems, he is not self-sufficient and passes everything by, believing himself to be the axis of the universe.
Physical appearance
Badbulldog is a dog with chubby musculature. He’ s got thick shoulders and a big head.
It has a short, flattened muzzle with folds above the nose, with a hanging chin under the neck, along with sagging lips and pointed teeth.


Psychological description

The new member of the family has a hard time changing his or her mind, is very stubborn and lazy about any situation that causes him or her to spend a negligible amount of energy. Badbulldog is very clear about what he wants in life, and he goes through all the situations that are not in his incubation.
At the right moment, he brings out his most affectionate side, achieving what he wants and is the most pampered friend of the gang.
Main Weapon
His body is the main weapon, robust and with great strength and safety, prevents anyone from passing over him.
Badbulldog’s new family is made up of Badtoro and Badelk, then he will join the Badxolo gang; his Mexican cousin with an air of change and freedom of experience.

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