Axel Serrat, 27 years old from Barcelona, is one of the promises of the increasingly practiced sport: Longboard.

Featured by the magazine Longboard Barcelona, Axel practices downhill skateboarding since 2007 after having practiced skateboarding for many years. His hobby had always been skating, as a child he went always uphill and downhill with his skate until he could afford to buy his first longboard table, a Pearson Longboards, local brand of Barcelona.

After trying the longboard he get hooked and did not try anything else. The main motivation that led him to bunch up its relationship with the sport is the offered possibility to travel through cities beyond urban areas. Besides from allowing him to meet people from all over the world, he’s feeling part of a big family or as he calls it, his “mundillo” (you can read crew, people or tribe).

Axel demonstrates extraordinary courage facing risks without fear and he says that the fact of being passionate in doing what one likes, eliminate fears and difficulties and that is a synonym of respect for us. He ensures that there will always mistakes, but you must learn from them and minimize them to improve every day.

For all these reasons ,we are proud to announce Axel Serrat as the Badtoro of the Month! Currently he has no professional goals, he prefers to live the moment without thoroughness in order to taste the small experiences and take advantage of all the benefits from the longboard.

Axel says that all sports have pros and cons, but if he has to choose the best from longboard would be the shared moments with his friends after slopping away from a road and be sure to be greeted with a smile at the end of the race. He is, without any doubt, a great Badtoro .

A BadToro is never afraid of challenges. A BadToro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a BadToro never give up, and always keeps on trying. A BadToro is not afraid of trying to reach for those goals many other find impossible. To become the BadToro of the month you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.