Never Surrender PRINTED T-SHIRT. Badtoro bull

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Short-sleeved, 100% cotton, 'Never give up' printed T-shirt. Color: zinc, various sizes. Badtoro bull 

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 'Never give up' 

Never Surrender shirt designed for people with the Badtoro bull attitude, two words summarize a way of thinking: NEVER SURRENDER, a message that's cut and dry and conveys a powerful phrase in capital letters.
They way you dress expresses the way you think; made only for risky and tenacious Badfriends. When you open the package you won't be surprised because we ensure the quality of our garments. They're 100% cotton and have been drawn, designed and stamped by the creator of BadToro (Designer: Jordi Nogués).
The spirit is BadToro, the rest I'll leave in your hands.
The color zinc looks like light gray. 

Machine wash at up to 40 ºC
Do not bleach or use other whiteners
Maximum ironing temperature: 150 ºC
Do not iron over the pattern
For better durability of the garment and print, do not machine dry

Short-sleeved, 100% cotton t-shirt
On the front, the stamp includes Badtoro bull logo
Color: Zinc
Various sizes

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